Atlas of Neural Therapy: With Local Anesthetics 3rd Edition PDF Download

Atlas of Neural Therapy: With Local Anesthetics 3rd Edition PDF Download
by Mathias Dosch (Author)

The neural therapy techniques that can be learned
from this book comprise an entire healing system that is scientifically sound
[and] will often help where other methods have failed . – From the Foreword by D. Klinghardt, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Institute of Neurobiology, Bellevue, Washington
Known to provide instant relief of pain, increased
motion, and return of function for a variety of problems unresolved by other
methods, neural therapy is widely used throughout Europe and is rapidly gaining
worldwide acceptance in the therapeutic armamentarium elsewhere. This new
edition of Dr. Mathias Dosch’s classic Atlas of Neural Therapy with Local
Anesthetics covers the methodology, indications, and techniques for a proven therapy, which involves injecting procaine or lidocaine into specific nerve and tissue sites to restore proper bioelectrical function. With this striking visual guide at hand, even physicians without extensive prior experience in neural therapy will be able to implement the techniques successfully in their everyday practice.
Special features:
Clear, succinct instructions on administering the
injections in every anatomic region, including indications, materials, and
technique, plus exact insertion points, direction, and depth of needle

All methods demonstrated in more than 150 stunning,
full-color photographs of real-life subjects, augmented by detailed anatomic
drawings of the injection sites

“Cautions” that alert practitioners to possible
complications and how to avoid them

New and revised sections on segmental therapy
techniques, dental procedures, patient preparation, materials, dosages, and

Refreshed, modern layout featuring accessible chapter numbering system, color coded thumb index, uniform page design, and many other enhancements

Useful in a wide range of conditions including joint and back pain, muscle injuries, chronic headache and migraines, allergies, sinusitis, gastrointestinal problems, and more, neural therapy is firmly grounded in scientific research – and an excellent addition to the services you offer your patients. This practical book provides both a visual introduction for newcomers to the field and a superb refresher for more experienced practitioners.

Atlas of Neural Therapy

Atlas of Neural Therapy: With Local Anesthetics 3rd Edition PDF Download

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