Atlas of Sonoanatomy for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine PDF

Atlas of Sonoanatomy for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine [2017] PDF Download

A comprehensive full-color anatomical atlas designed specifically for the anesthesiologist and pain physician

A clear understanding of relevant anatomy is essential for physicians who wish to master ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. Although ultrasound images may help visualize the nerve to be blocked, the images still present a grainy and incomplete picture. Physicians looking to master US-guided nerve blocks are best served by becoming anatomical experts — and this innovative resource is an invaluable learning tool to doing just that. 

In addition to 2D and 3D ultrasound images, Atlas of Sonoanatomy for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine includes high-resolution CTs, MRIs, cadaver anatomy images, and anatomical illustrations to give physicians a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the neck, upper and lower extremity, trunk, thorax, thoracic spine, sacral spine, lumbar paravertebral region, and thoracic paravertebral region that are relevant to ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. 


• Bulleted pearls impart how to obtain optimal ultrasound images at each site 

• More than 600 full-color photographs and illustrations throughout

• Essential for anesthesiologists and pain physicians, and is also of value to musculoskeletal sonographers, radiologists, and emergency medicine physicians

•Enables you to learn and see, through full-color illustrations, the relevant anatomy for administering successful nerve blocks

• Includes CT and MRI correlations to ultrasound images, plus corresponding anatomical illustrations, cadaver anatomy, and photos of probe placement on the patient. 

Although other texts may provide some of the imaging information contained in this unique atlas, this is the first resource to systematically and comprehensively gather all the imaging modalities for side-by-side comparison under one cover.   

Atlas of Sonoanatomy for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine  PDF

Atlas of Sonoanatomy for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine  PDF Free Download

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1. Basics of Musculoskeletal and Doppler Ultrasound Imaging for Regional
Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
2. Sonoanatomy Relevant for Ultrasound-Guided Upper Extremity Nerve Blocks
3. Sonoanatomy Relevant for Ultrasound-Guided Lower Extremity Nerve Blocks
4. Sonoanatomy Relevant for Ultrasound-Guided Abdominal Wall Nerve Blocks
5. Ultrasound Imaging of the Spine: Basic Considerations
6. Sonoanatomy Relevant for Ultrasound-Guided Injections of the Cervical Spine
7. Ultrasound of the Thoracic Spine for Thoracic Epidural Injections
8. Ultrasound Imaging of the Lumbar Spine for Central Neuraxial Blocks
9. Ultrasound Imaging of Sacrum and Lumbosacral Junction for Central Neuraxial
10. Sonoanatomy Relevant for Thoracic Interfascial Nerve Blocks: Pectoral Nerve
Block and Serratus Plane Block
11. Sonoanatomy Relevant for Ultrasound-Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block
12. Sonoanatomy Relevant for Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar Plexus Block

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