The Cat Clinical Medicine and Management PDF

The Cat Clinical Medicine and Management PDF

Comprehensive in scope and exclusively devoted to feline medical care, Dr. Susan Little's The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management is an essential resource for anyone who provides complete, state-of-the-art care to cats. In one convenient volume, you'll find authoritative, clinically-focused information enhanced by full-color illustrations, tables, boxes, algorithms, key points, and much more ― all in a format designed for quick access. Dr. Little and her expert contributors address the unique concerns and challenges facing the feline practitioner, including the latest advances in feline medical diagnosis and management and their clinical applications to everyday practice. User-friendly and complete, The Cat is also available as an e-book, giving you easy access to the complete, fully-searchable contents online.

Covers the latest advances in feline medicine from a systemic and adjunctive care perspective. It's the most comprehensive feline medical reference available with a strong clinical focus.
Helps you meet the increasing demand for state-of-the-art medical care by cat owners ― including advanced diagnostic services and treatments designed to extend and improve quality of life for feline companions.
Features a full-color design with hundreds of schematic drawings, tables, boxes, key points, algorithms, and photographs for quick and easy access to information.
Addresses key topics unique to feline medicine and not currently covered in other books, including: insights and clinical advances attributable to the mapping of the feline genome; medical conditions associated with behavioral problems; managing the feline patient with co-existing and chronic disease; special medical problems and care considerations for the geriatric cat; environmental enrichment for the indoor cat; feline zoonotic agents and implications for human health; and shelter medicine and overpopulation solutions.
Provides in-depth information on indoor cats and senior cats, including timely guidance on meeting owners' expectations for longer, healthier lives for their cats.
Addresses the challenges of pet overpopulation, particularly the impact of millions of feral cats on public health and the environment.
Presents information written in the manner of expanded conference proceedings, delivering the latest insights and most current approaches to management of feline medical disorders.
Includes contributions from approximately 60 contributors, drawing on the valuable expertise of those most knowledgeable in the field of feline medical care.
Bears the full endorsement of the Winn Feline Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports studies about cat health and funds feline research projects worldwide, and is internationally regarded as a major contributor to the health and wellbeing of all cats.

As any veterinary clinician knows, it is a daunting task to  work  with  cats!  Over  the  years,  I  have  found  my experiences as a feline specialist humbling, but also have realized what a great learning opportunity feline medicine provides. Cats force us to be expert diagnosticians, relying  more  than  ever  on  the  “old  school”  skills  of  a good medical history and a thorough physical examination.  Unfortunately,  cats  are  still  the  “poor  stepchild” in companion animal medicine, receiving less attention in  research  on  common  medical  problems  as  well  as improved diagnostic and treatment approaches than is given to their canine counterparts. It is therefore fitting that the Winn Feline Foundation has endorsed this book, as  the  organization  has  provided  the  research  funding and support necessary to uncover an impressive amount 
of the information found in this text.
Fortunately, we know much more about feline medicine than we did 10 or 15 years ago. This book compiles 
the current state of knowledge from a group of talented and wise experts. These superb clinicians and diagnosticians  share  insights  from  their  many  combined  years of  feline  practice,  based  on  available  evidence  whenever possible, to bring together in one volume comprehensive information on state-of-the-art diagnostic tests, treatments, and techniques. I am grateful for their generosity  in  sharing  and  their  desire  to  pass  on  their knowledge.
The focus of this book is first and foremost practical and  concentrates  on  what  most  of  us  can  and should accomplish  in  general  practice.  It  is  designed  to  give veterinarians information that can be used every day in an  accessible  format.  It  contains  information  on  new topics (e.g., management of cats with chronic and concurrent diseases, feline life-stage medicine) and expanded information  on  emerging  topics (e.g.,  genetics,  felinefriendly practice, the importance of senior cat care, and the special needs of indoor cats). Throughout the book, algorithms,  key  points,  and  many  photos  are  used  to illustrate  conditions  and  techniques.  The  book  is  also available electronically where the many illustrations will fully come alive.

Presenting the current state of knowledge about feline medicine in one volume presents challenges, but it has forced us to focus on the most important and clinically relevant aspects. Material is organized largely by body system to make finding information easy, and it has been kept concise and readable. In most cases, a logical “road map”  for  diagnosis  and  treatment  has  been  provided, such as how to approach the vomiting cat or the cat with diarrhea.  Common  procedures,  such  as  placing  an esophagostomy tube, are described in detail with accompanying photos. Students, and those new toperforming certain  procedures,  will  find  this  approach  invaluable. 
The  reader  will  also  find  that  some  topics  are  covered more  than  once  in  different  sections  of  the  book.  This allows  different  perspectives  and  even  different  points of view on important issues to be presented by experts in their areas of expertise.
The foundations of feline medicine are more important than ever, and thus a full section has been devoted to updated information and techniques for handling and physical  examination,  the  art  of  taking  the medical history, the idiosyncrasies of cats and drug therapy, the most effective drugs and techniques for analgesia, and detailed information on fluid therapy and anesthesia for many  different  medical  situations.  Special  attention  is paid to reducing the barriers that prevent so many of our feline  companions  from  receiving  regular  veterinary care in a ground-breaking chapter on making your practice feline-friendly.
Veterinarians  must  continually  strive  to  be  open  to learning  from  cats  because  cats  do  not  give  up  their secrets easily. Clues are there for those who are willing to  observe  and  listen.  This  textbook  is  a guide  to that experience and it will enhance every veterinarian’s feline practice skills, whether a new graduate or an “old hand.” Our hope is that it will be your “go-to” reference for  feline  medicine,  whether  on  your  bookshelf  or  in electronic form

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