Free Cytopathology of Infectious Diseases (Essentials in Cytopathology) PDF Download

Free Cytopathology of Infectious Diseases (Essentials in Cytopathology) PDF Download

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By (author): Liron Pantanowitz, Pam Michelow, Walid E. Khalbuss

Covering the cytopathology of infectious diseases, this book examines microorganisms and the host reactions they elicit. Includes tables, and numerous color images of microorganisms (e.g. branching hyphae) and host reactions (e.g. viral cytopathic effects).
FNA cytology had a rebirth in the USA due to the contributions of
a number of outstanding cytopathologists.
It has been over 20 years since I have had the opportunity to
publish a text on FNA of infectious and inflammatory diseases and
other nonneoplastic disorders. Since that time, there has been a
renewed interest in the cytologic diagnosis of infectious disease
coinciding with increased incidence of common and unusual infections due to the AIDS epidemic, expansion of organ transplantation, and aggressive treatment of neoplastic diseases resulting in an
increasing population of immunocompromised patients.
Now stepping forward to fill the void are Pantanowitz, Michelow
and Khalbuss with their associates, who have written the first text
devoted entirely to the cytopathology of infectious diseases. The
authors’ format is user friendly, presenting in a very concise format the clinical, cytomorphologic features, differential diagnosis,
pitfalls, and ancillary studies of a wide range of infectious diseases
that can be appreciated in cytology specimens. I believe the reader,
whether in training or a practicing pathologist, will benefit from
the authors’ extensive experience in the cytologic diagnosis of
infectious agents that can be encountered both in developing and
industrial nations. It is with great pleasure to have this opportunity to recognize the outstanding cytopathologists who share their
extensive experience in this much-needed cytology monograph.
and enthusiasm for cytopathology. They bring to the series,
complementary viewpoints and enlarge the scope of materials
contained in the photographs.
The editor and the authors are indebted to our students, past and
future, who challenge and motivate us to become the best that we
possibly can be. We share that experience with you through these
pages, and hope that you will learn from them as we have from
those who have come before us. We would be remiss if we did not
pay tribute to our professional colleagues, the cytotechnologists,
and preparatory technicians, who lovingly care for the specimens that
our clinical colleagues send to us. We are also grateful to Springer
and its production staff for their enthusiasm, responsiveness, and
And finally, we cannot emphasize enough throughout these volumes the importance of collaboration with the patient care team.
Every specimen comes to us with questions begging answers.
Without input from the clinicians, complete patient history, results
of imaging studies, and other ancillary tests, we cannot perform
optimally. It is our responsibility to educate our clinicians about
their role in our interpretation, and for us to integrate as much
information as we can gather into our final diagnosis, even if the
answer at first seems obvious.
We hope you will find this Series useful and welcome your feedback as you place these handbooks by your microscopes and into
your book bags.
Free Cytopathology of Infectious Diseases PDF Download

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