Download Emergency Care of the Abused [PDF]

Download Emergency Care of the Abused [PDF]

By (author): Fiona E. Gallahue, Laura D. Melville
Emergency Care of the Abused is intended to assist the health care practitioner in managing the acute care of abused patients. This accessible introduction is not intended to be an exhaustive study of each topic, but a quick reference and practical guide for those in the clinical arena who see such patients. The full range of potential abuses that a health care practitioner may see is covered here. Several topics not commonly included in textbooks, such as trafficking, torture, and cultural influence are included. Each chapter has goals and objectives to maximize educational reading on the topic, photographs and tables to assist the clinician, legal aspects of the emergency situation, and quick reference pages to assist the practitioner emergently dealing with an abused patient.


Download Emergency Care of the Abused [PDF]

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