Free Advances in Surgical Pathology Gastric Cancer pdf download

Free Advances in Surgical Pathology Gastric Cancer pdf download

The past decade has seen rapid growth of knowledge and new technologies in the fi eld of pathology of gastric cancer. The emerging information have signifi cantly affected the traditional practice of pathology, including the subspecialized multidisciplinary approach to patient care and personalized treatments such as targeted molecular therapy, which is based on molecular diagnostics and advanced imaging. To remain viable members of the cancer patient care team, pathologists must keep up with the growing knowledge not only about traditional subject areas such as differential diagnosis of varied gastric neoplasms and tumor classifi cations but also the emerging areas of molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Advances in Surgical Pathology  Gastric Cancer

Advances in Surgical Pathology Gastric Cancer

This book, Advances in Surgical Pathology: Gastric Cancer, provides a concise, updated review of the pathologic characteristics of gastric cancer, with an emphasis on exploring practical issues and recent developments. Gastric cancer is a disease whose management requires a multidisciplinary approach in which pathology plays a key role. Individual chapters have been written by international experts in the fi elds of pathology, gastrointestinal medical oncology, cancer epidemiology, and gastrointestinal radiology, and they address the fundamental issues surrounding gastric cancer, including its epidemiology, basic diagnostic features, differential diagnoses, pitfalls and complications, and treatments. The book consists of 6 sections and 22 chapters. Although the chapters follow a sequence from pathogenesis to therapy, each chapter stands alone in its treatment of the subject matter. Section I updates the reader about the general topic and provides a basis for the more specialized sections that follow. Cancer stem cells and the interaction between genetics and environmental factors in gastric cancer carcinogenesis are emphasized. Section II is devoted to the histopathology of gastric cancer. It reviews specifi c recent changes that warrant more description and more illustration than are given in the overview. In particular, fi gures are used to illustrate recently described entities and demonstrate the basis for classifi cation changes so that the pathologist is able to understand

CONTENTS: Advances in Surgical Pathology  Gastric Cancer

SECTION I. Introduction

1 Introduction to the Normal Histology and Physiology of the Stomach 3

William Payne, and Dongfeng Tan

2 Epidemiology of Gastric Carcinoma 11

Woo Ho Kim

3 Helicobacter pylori and Gastric Neoplasms 22

Antonia R. Sepulveda, and Abha Goyal

4 Epstein-Barr Virus and Gastric carcinoma 38

Masashi Fukayama, Aya Shinozaki, and Rumi Hino
SECTION II. Histopathology

5 Gastric Carcinoma: Classifications and Morphologic Variants 53

Do Youn Park, Hye Seung Han, and Gregory Y. Lauwers

6 Early and Advanced Gastric Carcinomas 73

Shinichi Ban

7 Neuroendocrine Tumors and Nonneoplastic Neuroendocrine Cell Changes 94

Guido Rindi, and Enrico Solcia

8 Secondary Tumors 105

Mikhail Lisovsky, and Amitabh Srivastava

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