Free Biochemistry and Genetics Pretest Self-Assessment and Review, 5th edition PDF Download

Free Biochemistry and Genetics Pretest Self-Assessment and Review, 5th edition PDF Download – Download Medicalbook Free

Features: Used Book in Good Condition
By (author): Golder Wilson

PreTest is the closest you can get to seeing the USMLE Step 1 before you take it!

500 USMLE-style questions and answers!

Great for course review and the USMLE Step 1, PreTest asks the right questions so you’ll know the right answers. You’ll find 500 clinical-vignette style questions and answers along with complete explanations of correct and incorrect answers. The content has been reviewed by students who recently passed their exams, so you know you are studying the most relevant and up-to-date material possible. No other study guide targets what you really need to know in order to pass like PreTest!

This book provides over 100 disease examples (see Appendix) to illustrate
the broad application of biochemistry and genetics to medicine. These
include more common chromosomal or multifactorial disorders (Down
syndrome, cleft palate, diabetes mellitus) that have incidences ranging from 1 in 200 to 1 in 3000 to less common single gene disorders
(cystic fibrosis, glycogen storage diseases) with incidences of 1 in 1600 to
1 per million individuals. Students can ignore clinical information about
these rare diseases, since such knowledge is not tested in first/second-year
biochemistry/genetic courses or USMLE I examinations. The examples and
sections on organ systems are provided to place basic science knowledge
in clinical context and to demonstrate the broad range of organ systems
and medical specialties that are impacted by genetic/biochemical disease.
More relevant to examination are much-used disease prototypes such as
diabetes, cleft palate, Down/Turner syndromes, sickle cell anemia, and
phenylketonuria (PKU): students may need to match them with underlying biochemical/genetic mechanisms.

Biochemistry and Genetics Pretest Self-Assessment and Review

Biochemistry and Genetics Pretest Self-Assessment and Revie

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