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Free Breast Disease Diagnosis and Pathology PDF Download – Download Medicalbook Free

This first of two volumes provides and in-depth account of breast disease characteristics, imaging and diagnosis. Covering from breast anatomy and tumor biology to benign and malignant lesions this is an indispensable companion for breast specialists, medical oncologists, radiologists and pathologists. The book is organised in themed parts exploring topics such as epidemiology, risk factors, genetic biomarkers, pathological evaluation of tumors and biopsy techniques.

With a high number of colored illustrations and edited by highly experienced clinicians, this work enables readers to gain an interdisciplinary perspective on breast diseases. Contributions from an international team of experts present invaluable insight into pathological and epidemiological aspects of breast disease. Covering both theoretical and practical aspects of breast cancer this is a highly informative and carefully presented book which will appeal to an international audience of breast cancer practitioners.

The earliest documented report on hamartomas
in the breast was in the German literature by
Prym in 1928, in which he described a benign
mass called a “mastoma” [33] . Arrigoni et al. first
used the term mammary hamartoma to refer to a
well-circumscribed mass of benign breast tissue
admixed with stromal tissue and fat that is without structural organization [34] . Hamartomas are
considered rare breast tumors that encompass
fibroadenolipomas, adenolipomas, chondrolipomas, and myoid hamartomas [35] . Literature
referring to breast hamartomas is sparse, with 25
patients in the largest series reported to date [34] .
As with lipomas, the true incidence of hamartomas is not known, but its diagnosis is increasing due to improvements in breast imaging.
Breast hamartomas have also been reported in
males [36, 37] .
Clinical Presentation
A breast hamartoma typically presents as a wellcircumscribed, mobile, soft, and non-tender
breast mass. The palpable nature of the mass is
what prompts consultation with a physician.
However, they are also occasionally asymptomatic and detected on routine imaging.
Hamartomas have been diagnosed in women
of varied ages, without any predilection for preor postmenopausal groups. The age range of
hamartomas among various series is as young as
11 and as old as 76 [34, 38] .

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