Free Circadian Physiology PDF Download Medicalbooks

Free Circadian Physiology PDF Download Medicalbooks

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By (author): Roberto Refinetti PhD.

Long before Apollo 11 blasted off for the moon, astronauts Neil Armstrong, “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins simulated actual space conditions to prepare their bodies for the long voyage to earth’s only natural satellite. And before some U.S. professional athletes compete on another continent, they alter their eating and sleeping patterns to adapt themselves for the shift in time zones. Practices such as these are all related to the regulation of the human body’s biological rhythms, which are controlled by the ‘body clock’.

Circadian Physiology highlights the basic processes and latest research findings in circadian biology, and describes how this knowledge applies to the prevention of jet lag and the malaise associated with shift work, the treatment of sleep disorders and depression, the timing for effective administration of medicines, and the planning of astronaut schedules for space exploration.

Targeted at life scientists who are not specialists in biological rhythms, the book is also accessible to general readers who have an interest in scientific issues and their applicability to health and business problems. To provide the in-depth understanding of circadian phenomena required for the analysis of actual research data, the author has included software for data analysis and simulation that will allow readers to put into practice the formal knowledge acquired through the disciplinary chapters. With its accessible, up-to-date review of scientific and medical advances, Circadian Physiology is a valuable addition to the growing field of circadian biology.

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Free Circadian Physiology PDF Download Medicalbooks

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