Free Clinical Anatomy pdf download

Free Clinical Anatomy pdf download

Welcome to Clinical Anatomy by Systems by Richard S. Snell, MD, PhD. This CD-ROM is designed for medical students doing their clinical rotations, allied health students, dental students, nurses, and residents. The information provided is in the form of Clinical Notes, which are linked to the appropriate chapters of the main text. This gives students ready access to the basic anatomic and clinical material. Sections on Congenital Anomalies are also included. The clinical material provides the medical professional with the practical application of anatomic facts that he or she will require when examining patients. It will also be of great assistance when interpreting the findings of techno

Clinical Anatomy

Clinical Anatomy

logic investigations. The anatomy of Common Medical Procedures has also been included, and the complications caused by an ignorance of normal anatomy have been emphasized. Examples of clinical cases are given at the end of each group of Clinical Notes. Each clinical vignette is followed by multiple choice questions. Answers and explanations for the problems are given at the end of the section in the CDROM. *No part of this CD-ROM may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission from the copyright owner.

CONTENTS: Clinical Anatomy

Skin 2

Lines of Cleavage 2

Skin Infections 3

Sebaceous Cyst 3

Shock 3

Skin Burns 3

Skin Grafting 3

Fasciae 3

Fasciae and Infection 3

Skeletal Muscle 3

Muscle Attachments 3

Muscle Shape and Form 3

Cardiac Muscle 3

Necrosis of Cardiac Muscle 3

Joints 4

Examination of Joints 4

Ligaments 4

Damage to Ligaments 4

Bursae and Synovial Sheaths 4

Trauma and Infection of Bursae and Synovial Sheaths 4

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