Free Diagnosis and Management of Craniopharyngiomas PDF Download

Free Diagnosis and Management of Craniopharyngiomas PDF Download

This book provides up-to-date coverage of the most relevant topics in the diagnosis and management of craniopharyngiomas. After introductory discussion of natural history and clinical presentation, individual chapters are devoted to pathological and molecular aspects, use of diagnostic imaging techniques, the surgical approach to craniopharyngiomas, radiotherapy and radiosurgery, and associated endocrine disturbances. A particular feature of the book is the detailed attention devoted to the metabolic consequences of the disease and related treatments, including obesity and electrolyte disturbances, and to cognitive alterations. This book will be of value to oncologists, neurosurgeons, and endocrinologists by assisting in diagnostic workup, delivery of appropriate treatment, and management of the serious metabolic and endocrine consequences.

Craniopharyngiomas are rare epithelial tumours arising along the path of the
craniopharyngeal duct and account for 2–5 % of all the primary intracranial neoplasms and for up to 15 % of the intracranial tumours in children. The majority
(94–95 %) has a suprasellar component. The potential proximity to and the subsequent pressure effects of craniopharyngiomas on vital structures of the brain
(visual pathways, brain parenchyma, ventricular system, major blood vessels and
hypothalamo- pituitary system) predispose the patients to multiple clinical manifestations, the severity of which depends on the location, the size and the growth
potential of the tumour. Headaches, nausea/vomiting, visual disturbances, growth
failure (in children) and hypogonadism (in adults) are the most frequently
reported. The hypothalamo-pituitary function at presentation may be severely
affected and based on various series, GH deficiency is present in 35–100 % of the
evaluated patients, FSH/LH deficiency in 38–91 %, ACTH deficiency in
21–68 %, TSH deficiency in 20–42 % and diabetes insipidus in 6–38 %. Early
diagnosis is of major importance.

Free Diagnosis and Management of Craniopharyngiomas

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