Free Focus on Neuroimaging Neurology Self-Assessment pdf download

Free Focus on Neuroimaging Neurology Self-Assessment pdf download

This book is based on ‘‘glossies,’’ a neurology and neurosurgery resident neuroimaging conference held weekly for several years at Chandler Medical Center, University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. The name ‘‘glossies’’ was given to the conference by former residents for reasons lost in the mists of time. The goal of this conference is to teach an independent approach to image interpretation that combines knowledge of imaging anatomy and physiology with the many details of medical neurology.

Focus on Neuroimaging Neurology Self-Assessment

Focus on Neuroimaging Neurology Self-Assessment

In glossies, each image is shown as an unknown. Theresidentfirstdescribestheimagingmodality,plane of section, and key anatomic landmarks before proceeding to describe any abnormalities seen on the images. Clinical questions are answered as the resident develops a differential diagnosis and, if needed, a plan for further studies to resolve remaining questions.Discussionofthe clinicalfeaturesandtreatment of conditions associated with the images follows each case. The goal is not to become neuroradiologists, although some residents develop impressive skills in this regard, but to become better neurologists and neurosurgeons by integrating an essential technology into a comprehensive knowledge base of neurologic disease and its treatment. The book was designed to be used by readers in a similar way—first identify the scan type and characteristics, find the key reference landmarks, and then identify and verbalize the image pathology, distinguishing the primary pathology (tumor) from its consequences (mass shift or edema). Create a differential diagnosis and think of alternative ways of narrowing that diagnosis. Do this independently, before reading the discussion, because one learns morefromthinkingacasethroughindependentlythan from someone else’s opinion

CONTENTS: Focus on Neuroimaging Neurology Self-Assessment

Introduction 1
CASE 1 ■ 11

CASE 2 ■ 14

CASE 3 ■ 18

CASE 4 ■ 21

CASE 5 ■ 24

CASE 6 ■ 27

CASE 7 ■ 30

CASE 8 ■ 34

CASE 9 ■ 38

CASE 10 ■ 42

CASE 11 ■ 45

CASE 12 ■ 48

CASE 13 ■ 51

CASE 14 ■ 54

CASE 15 ■ 57

CASE 16 ■ 60

CASE 17 ■ 63

CASE 18 ■ 66


Free Focus on Neuroimaging Neurology Self-Assessment pdf download full

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