Free High-Yield Cell and Molecular Biology (High-Yield Series) – 3rd Edition PDF Download

Free High-Yield Cell and Molecular Biology (High-Yield Series) – 3rd Edition PDF Download

By (author): Dr. Ronald W. Dudek PhD

High-Yield™ Cell and Molecular Biology, Third Edition provides the essential information needed for USMLE Step 1 review and course study. It covers current cell and molecular biology techniques and principles with a clinical focus—what a physician needs to know to understand, diagnose, and treat human disease. Molecular biology is often taught within various courses such as biochemistry, microbiology, and histology; thus, a consolidated review book in molecular biology is especially helpful in preparing for the USMLE Step 1.

This edition has been streamlined to remove content covered in other High-Yield™ books such as histopathology and microbiology. Images have been placed closer to the appropriate text. New figures include DNA melting curve and flow cytometry.

The impact of molecular biology today and in the future cannot be underestimated. Gene therapy
and cloning of sheep are explained and discussed in the daily newspapers.
The clinical and etiological aspects of diseases are now being explained at the molecular biology
level. Drugs are being designed right now by various pharmaceutical companies to impact molecular biological processes in the treatment of disease (cancer, obesity, etc.). Molecular biology will
be increasingly represented on the USMLE Step 1. One of my main concerns in writing this book
was NOT to write a review of basic molecular biology but to write a book that addressed molecular
biology from a clinical perspective that would be useful and necessary for our future physicians. I
was greatly assisted in this matter by two medical students who took an unsolicited interest in
“High Yield Cell and Molecular Biology” third edition because they appreciated the growing importance of molecular biology for the future physician. In this regard, I would like to acknowledge
the significant contribution of Mr. Jonah Cohen, a third–fourth-year student at the Brown Medical
School and published cancer researcher in NF-B signal transduction, and Mr. Fateh Bazerbachi, a
third-year student at Damascus University School of Medicine (Syria). Jonah Cohen was especially
helpful in limiting the scope of material to hone in on the most clinically relevant issues and eliminating some far-reaching material that was included in the second edition. Fateh Bazerbachi was
especially helpful in identifying new information and clarifying some difficult areas to understand.
I found their assistance to be very helpful and it should benefit all my readers.
How will medical schools teach the clinical relevance of molecular biology to our future physicians? Medical school curricula are already filled with needed and relevant “traditional” courses.
Where will the time needed to teach a molecular biology course be found? I suspect what will happen is that many of the “traditional” courses will extend their discussion of various topics down
to the molecular biology level. This approach will work, but it will in effect make molecular biology somewhat disjointed. The student will learn some molecular biology in a biochemistry course,
some in a microbiology course, and some in a histology course, etc. The problem this presents for
students reviewing for USMLE Step 1 is that molecular biology information will be scattered among
various course notes.

Free High-Yield Cell and Molecular Biology (High-Yield Series)

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