Free Investigative Techniques and Ocular Examination PDF Download

Free Investigative Techniques and Ocular Examination PDF Download

By (author): Sandip Doshi PhD MCOptom, William Harvey MCOptom

Based on a highly successful series of articles published through the “Optician” journal, this text outlines the range of clinical ocular investigative techniques available to the optometrist and dispensing optician. High-quality, full-color illustrations accompany clear descriptions of all clinical procedures associated with effective ocular examination, from the basics of how to use the slit lamp to more complex visual field assessments such as the examination of ocular blood flow. Clinical, comprehensive and contemporary, this practical text relates knowledge to practice by outlining the benefits, advantages, disadvantages, and pitfalls of each procedure, as well as when and where to use it. This book is an invaluable clinical handbook for anyone involved in the examination of the eye.

  • Content builds from the basics, detailing easier procedures and concepts before moving on to more complex clinical ocular investigative techniques.
  • An evidence-based approach frequently cites expert sources.
  • Original articles from the Optician series have been extensively edited to form an easy-to-follow, cohesive book on investigative techniques.
  • Key point and summary tables highlight important points for quick reference.
  • Practical advice is offered on procedures and interpretation of results, with tips on potential pitfalls.

This is a timely publication that focuses on
the rapidly developing areas of clinical
investigation and ocular examination. I particularly welcome this book during the current period of rapid evolution of the scope
of optometry as a profession – the contents
are directly relevant to the much greater
emphasis now placed on the key role
optometrists play in the detection. diagnosis and management of ocular disease.
The book comprises seventeen chapters
arranged in three sections. Section 1 deals
with the assessment of vision and colour
vision. In keeping with the remainder of
the book. modern technology is placed
firmly in the foreground. notably in the
chapter on the use and development of
computer-based test charts. which have
gained recent and deserved popularity. A
striking feature of the book is the superb
figures. and this exceptional quality is very
much in evidence in the schematic diagrams found in this section.

Free Investigative Techniques and Ocular Examination

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