Free Outlines in Pathology PDF Download

Free Outlines in Pathology PDF Download Medicalbooks

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By (author): John H. Sinard MD PhD

This comprehensive and concise reference of anatomic procedures serves as both an ideal review for Boards and as a resource of essential information for practitioners. A unique outline format provides easy access to the salient diagnostic and distinguishing aspects of disease processes. Covers epidemiological, clinical, gross, and histologic information, as well as relevant procedures. Features in-depth coverage of neoplastic pathology.
There are a lot of excellent pathology texts available. When I began my formal training in
pathology, I was at first glad to discover this was the case, and then later somewhat overwhelmed
by the large volume of material which needed to be digested. To help me in assimilating this large
amount of information, I began early in my residency (and later with much greater fervor as my
boards approached), to assemble a set of comprehensive outlines which discussed all of the major
and at least mentioned most of the minor non-neoplastic and neoplastic disease processes. In
assembling these outlines, I drew on material from multiple general and specialty textbooks of
pathology. Into this framework, I inserted notes from numerous lectures, seminars, journal articles,
and many informal discussions with attendings, often over the sign-out microscope. Where they
contributed to an understanding of disease processes, I added discussions of anatomy,
embryology, cell biology, and physiology. The result of this effort is in the pages which follow.
When I first started to make these outlines, it was certainly not with any plans towards
having them published. However, colleagues of mine who have seen them (and used them) have
found them very helpful, and it was consistently suggested that I look into getting them published.
Obviously, since you are reading this, the W.B. Saunders Company also thought others might find
this helpful. Because of the outline format used, this work is not intended to replace any existing
pathology text. Rather, it is intended as a study guide for pathologists in training, especially those
preparing for the anatomic pathology boards, as a quick reference guide for pathologists in practice,
and as a concise yet comprehensive summary for medical students interested in pathology. Only
time will tell how successfully this work fulfills these goals. Every effort has been extended to
assure both the accuracy and completeness of this material. However, as our understanding of
disease processes evolves, the framework in which we view these processes must shift to
accommodate. I would certainly welcome any comments from readers, especially as pertains to
errors or omissions which may have made their way into this text, or any other suggestions as to
how these outlines might be improved.
Although the task of assimilating the information from various sources into a consistent
outline format was largely my effort, I would like to extend special thanks to a few of the individuals
who have indirectly made this text possible. I particularly acknowledge the influence of Juan Rosai,
the director of the pathology residency training program during my first year at the Yale-New Haven
Hospital. The framework of my approach to pathology was developed largely in line with his
instruction, and his dedication to resident teaching has in a large way shaped my philosophy of
pathology training. I would also like to thank Jon Morrow and Stuart Flynn, each of whom also
served a year as program director during my training and contributed to my approach to this
subject. I also acknowledge the much appreciated mentorship of Stuart Flynn and the instruction of
many of the other senior faculty in the Department of Pathology at Yale during my early “formative”
years as a pathologist, including Maria Luisa Carcangiu, Darryl Carter, Richard Eisen, Walker
Smith, Brian West, Raymond Yesner, and others. I can only hope that some of their wisdom has
made its way into my head and thus into these outlines. Equally important has been the
contributions of my colleagues in training, both in a direct way to the text of this work and in an
indirect way to my understanding of pathology. I thank, in particular, Vinita Parkash, David Rimm,
and Harold Sánchez. Finally, I thank Chris Gilligan for convincing me to have these outlines
Free Outlines in Pathology PDF Download Medicalbooks

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