Free The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology PDF

Free The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology PDF

This book describes a novel and proven approach to cytologically classify urinary samples for the detection of bladder cancer and lesions of the upper urinary tract. The new method is based on the collective experience of knowledgeable cytopathologists who have tested the terminology within their own laboratories for reproducibility and predictability of neoplasms of the urinary tract. Accompanying the written criteria for each diagnostic category are meticulously photographed exemplars of the cellular features, with cogently annotated descriptions of the photographs.  The book thereby performs as an atlas for microscopists involved in diagnostic cytopathology at all levels of their education.  Included in the targeted readership are experienced pathologists, cytotechnologists, and students of both professional groups. The new terminology also considers the clinical aspects of patient management.

Written by experts in the field who convened at the 18th International Congress of Cytology in Paris, The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology presents a global standard for reporting and a new philosophic approach that maximizes the strengths of detecting the potentially lethal high grade lesions by urinary cytology, and recognizes without apology the inability to reliably detect the low grade lesions in urinary cytology.

The Concept has been endorsed by the American Society Of Cytopathology, and the International Academy of Cytology.

In our capacity as pathologists, we serve as consultants to our clinical colleagues
and patients. Particularly in anatomic pathology, our reports are the documentation
of this communication and constitute a major component of the patient’s electronic
medical record. To enable clinicians to choose the optimal management option(s)
for their patient, it is imperative that these reports accurately, clearly, and predictably communicate our pathology findings. In anatomic pathology, especially in
cytopathology, we variably use terms such as “suspicious,” “indeterminate,” or
“atypical” to describe the same findings. The use of these equivocal terms varies
among different pathologists and institutions leading to confusion among clinicians
as well as patients, who in the present days, often have access to their reports. Both
clinicians and pathologists have recognized the need for a more standardized terminology for reporting cytopathology results and for the education of the clinicians on
that terminology. This issue is certainly not unique to cytopathology reports: in
surgical pathology in spite of attempts to pay attention to completeness of reports
(tumor staging summaries, etc.), up to 30 % of reports may be misunderstood by
clinicians, in large part due to the variability of the wording by pathologists.

Free The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology

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