Free Surgical Management of Vitiligo pdf download

Free Surgical Management of Vitiligo pdf download

The publisher’s policy is to use permanent paper from mills that operate a sustainable forestry policy, and which has been manufactured from pulp processed using acid-free and elementary chlorine-free practices. Furthermore, the publisher ensures that the text paper and cover board used have met acceptable environmental accreditation standards.Although vitiligo has traditionally been very difficult to treat, a new breakthrough surgical treatment is expanding options for practitioners and patients.

Standard treatments depend on the severity of the condition and the patient’s feelings of disfigurement. Cover-up cosmetics work well for some people. Other more sophisticated forms of treatment include gradually developing color back in the depigmented areas (repigmentation) by PUVA or other ultraviolet light treatments, but this is extremely slow and intensive, often requiring several hundred treatments.

This new form of treatment, which involves surgically transplanting melanocytes into the white areas, is most successful in patients with stable vitiligo over less than 30% of their body surface area. It complements medical therapies in achieving complete and sustained repigmentation and is rapidly gaining popularity in all major centers.


Surgical Management of Vitiligo

Surgical Management of Vitiligo

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CONTENTS: Surgical Management of Vitiligo
List of contributors, viii

Foreword, xi

Preface, xiii
Section 1 Pathogenesis and medical treatment

1 Pathogenesis of vitiligo, 3

Jean-Paul Ortonne

2 Understanding the mechanism of repigmentation in vitiligo, 14

Amrinder J. Kanwar and Davinder Parsad

3 Classification of vitiligo, 20

Sang Ju Lee, Sung Bin Cho and Seung-Kyung Hann

4 Medical treatment of vitiligo, 31

Thierry Passeron and Jean-Paul Ortonne
Section 2 Overview of surgical management

5 History and chronology of development of surgical therapies for vitiligo, 41

Rafael Falabella

6 The concept of stability of vitiligo, 49

Koushik Lahiri and Subrata Malakar

7 Patient selection and preoperative information in surgical therapies for vitiligo, 56

Nanny van Geel and Jean Marie Naeyaert

8 Classification of surgical therapies for vitiligo, 59

Philippe Bahadoran and Jean-Paul Ortonne

9 Surgical management of vitiligo and other leukodermas: evidence-based practice guidelines, 69

Somesh Gupta, Tarun Narang, Mats J. Olsson and Jean-Paul Ortonne

10 Evaluation of outcome in surgical therapies for vitiligo, 80

Nanny van Geel and Jean Marie Naeyaert

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