Free Thrombin PDF Download Medicalbooks Free

Free Thrombin PDF Download Medicalbooks Free

In addition to its central role in blood coagulation, it has become increasingly apparent that thrombin and thrombin receptors are involved in many other physiological processes and can contribute to a variety of disease states such as tumor progression and metastasis, inflammation, neurological disorders and cardiovascular complications. This book is a collection of reviews of up-to-date information on the above topics by leaders in these fields.

This book will be of value to researchers and academic professionals both in basic and clinical science who are interested in the fields of biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, pharmacology, cancer, inflammation, angiogenesis, cardiovascular system and neuronal system. These areas of research are prime target areas for drug development by many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The elucidation of the coagulation cascade has been one of the major accomplishments of biomedical sciences in recent years. The central role of thrombin, the
plethora of factors and the multiple control mechanisms involved in haemostasis
have been well characterized. However, new insights in the structure, functions and
regulatory roles of thrombin in vascular physiology and development, in neuronal
system, in tumor biology, tissue repair and angiogenesis have been gained by new
powerful techniques and pioneering work of leading scientists.
In the chapters of this book it was attempted to provide a comprehensive present
day view of thrombin, as an enzyme in relation to blood coagulation and in relation
to its receptors. The effects of thrombin on various cell types and in patho-physiological conditions are discussed. This book is written to integrate the current understanding of thrombin basic mechanisms in vascular, inflammatory, neuronal and
tumor cells and molecular biology with the experimental and clinical implications
of these advances. Our goal was not to provide an exhaustively referenced compendium of the many topics that touch upon thrombin functions. Instead, we sought to
create a practical and concise summary that would be equally useful for those first
entering the field and for those with expertise in one facet of thrombin function
wishing to learn more about others. Special emphasis was given to the new roles of
thrombin and its receptors in vascular and tumor biology as well as angiogenesis,
which present a challenge to translate this knowledge to therapeutic targets
We believe that this book will solidify the concept that thrombin and its receptors are a dynamic, vibrant field with clear implications for understanding the
pathogenesis of several diseases (cardiovascular, neuronal, cancer) and for the treatment of patients. We hope that it will serve as a useful resource, not only for those
involved in education and in the pursuit of new research programs, but also for
those caring for patients with above diseases.

Free Thrombin PDF Download Medicalbooks Free

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