Free Uveitis An Update PDF Download Medicalbooks

Free Uveitis An Update PDF Download Medicalbooks

This book on recent advances in uveitis provides readers with up-to-date and clinically-relevant information on 18 topics that are indispensable for everyday practice. This book is meant for bridging the gap between recent developments and their incorporation into clinical use. Written by global experts, the topics cover advances in diagnosis and treatment of distinct clinical varieties of uveitis.

Additionally, the chapter on imaging describes the various imaging modalities that aid clinching the diagnosis with greater accuracy. Role of corticosteroids, their mechanism of action and various routes of drug delivery too have been discussed in detail. Optimal use of various immunomodulators, their role, dose, mechanism of action, side effects, and monitoring during patient follow-up have been elucidated in easy-to-understand tables. There are two chapters on complications in uveitis, one on glaucoma and other on choroidal neovascularization. A chapter on pediatric uveitis highlights the challenges and provides guidance to manage this special population.

Uveitis is a challenging condition with many diverse causes and clinical scenarios. It is easy to
misdiagnose and mismanage uveitis. The resulting folly is a great source of frustration to the
young ophthalmologist. The cause of many forms of uveitis remains unknown, and vision loss
is still an all too common occurrence in our patients. Separate chapters on Behcet disease,
intermediate uveitis, ocular sarcoidosis, intraocular lymphoma, and white dot syndrome cover
these idiopathic entities.
India being a tropical country in the epicenter of AIDS has its own set of uveitic problems.
They are covered extensively in the sections on intraocular tuberculosis, ocular parasitic infections ocular lesions in HIV, and viral anterior uveitis.
With the dawn of the twenty-first century, rapid advancements have taken place in the field
of immunology, molecular biology, pharmacology, drug delivery, and imaging technology.
These have led to a better understanding of uveitis and changed the way we diagnose and treat
our patients with uveitis. Progress in transplant surgeries has led to the development of many
novel immunosuppressive and biological agents. These have aided physicians in the treatment
of autoimmune diseases. Ophthalmologists have been quick to adapt them in their treatment
armamentarium. Intravitreal injections and sustained-release intravitreal implants now deliver
precise amount of drug and hit the target tissues like laser-guided weapons while avoiding collateral damage (systemic side effects). These topics are dealt with in the chapter on biologicals
in uveitis and imaging in uveitis.
This book is a ready reckoner for these uveitis topics. This lucid book attempts to assimilate
all these variety of topics in a single place. The target audience includes ophthalmologists in
practice and training as well as libraries and anybody who is keen to be kept abreast about the
latest in uveitis day-to-day practice.

Free Uveitis An Update PDF Download Medicalbooks

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