Free Visual Development, Third edition PDF Download Medicalbooks

Free Visual Development, Third edition PDF Download Medicalbooks

By (author): Nigel Daw

The only book on the market to cover the psychophysics, anatomy, physiology, and clinical deficits of the developing visual system in an accessible format and length. The visual system is the most commonly studied aspect of the nervous system and is the primary model for the study of both normal development and the effects of environment and sensory deprivation on development. This third edition highlights new research and features a large number of illustrations, many in color. It can be used as a supplementary text in neuroscience and ophthalmology courses. This book is a great resource for both novice and advanced researchers in the field of vision.
  It is almost 20 years since the first edition of this book was written, and considerable research has been done in that time. The development of vernier
acuity and contour discrimination have been more carefully defined. Genes
that play a role in myopia have been localized. New techniques using Gabor
patches in various configurations have enabled scientists to define amblyopia
in more careful terms, particularly the concept of spatial uncertainty, and
whether it is due to undersampling or distorted sampling. Amblyopia was
never simply a matter of a deficit in acuity, but it has taken careful experiments to show exactly what it is beyond that.
Ten years ago, the molecules that govern the crossing of the optic nerve
fibers in the chiasm, and which project to the contralateral side, and which to
the ipsilateral side were completely unknown. So were the molecules that
govern the topography of the projections within the visual system. Today, we
know some molecules involved in both these developmental events, as well as
some that mark the boundaries of the visual cortex.
The technique of optical imaging of the visual cortex has enabled scientists to visualize the ocular dominance and orientation columns. Scientists
can now use this technique to study the development of these columns, and
the effect of various forms of visual deprivation on them, in a way that was
not possible with single unit recordings.
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