Handbook of Neurosurgery 7th Edition PDF Download

Handbook of Neurosurgery 7th Edition PDF Download
by Mark S. Greenberg (Author)

A ‘must-have’…[a] low-cost, highly portable, and extremely useful reference volume, which will undoubtedly enjoy continued longevity into the foreseeable future.” –Journal of Neurosurgery

“A vital resource…For rapid access to the diagnosis and management of all neurosurgical things, there is no substitute.”–The Journal of TRAUMA® Injury, Infection, and Critical Care

For two decades, Handbook of Neurosurgery — now in a fully updated seventh edition — has been an invaluable companion for every neurosurgery resident and nurse, as well as neurologists and others involved in the care of patients with brain and spine disorders. Dr. Greenberg’s classic text covers the breadth of neurosurgery and its allied specialties and provides the latest information on anatomy and physiology, differential diagnosis, and currently accepted principles of clinical management. Renowned for its scope and accessibility, this portable, single-volume guide is packed with more than 1,300 pages of practical information, including thousands of literature citations, handy cross-references, and a thorough index.


New to the seventh edition:
detailed coverage of blunt cervical arterial injuries; awake craniotomies; brain
mapping; new grading systems for cervical and thoracolumbar fractures; radiation
safety for neurosurgeons; organ donation after cardiac death; and expanded
discussion of endovascular techniques
Numerous updates, including information on dural
arteriovenous malformations; tumors and molecular biology; and new
neuromonitoring modalities such as brain oxygen tension, cerebral microdialysis,
and regional cerebral blood flow
The return of basic surgical material to acquaint
readers with the operating room
A practical new feature called Booking the Case supplies helpful information about
scheduling surgery and obtaining informed consent
Highly valuable section on hot topics in neurocritical
Color highlights and full-color inserts to enhance
Comprehensive and conveniently compact, this book is a must-have
reference for neurosurgery residents and a useful tool for anyone working in the clinical neurosciences.

Handbook of Neurosurgery 7th Edition PDF Free Download
Handbook of Neurosurgery 7th Edition PDF
Handbook of Neurosurgery 7th Edition Ebook

Handbook of Neurosurgery 7th Edition

Handbook of Neurosurgery 7th Edition PDF Download

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