A History of Lung Cancer The Recalcitrant Disease

A History of Lung Cancer The Recalcitrant Disease

The author would like to thank the Wellcome Trust for their support the Constructing Cancers project (Programme Grant 068397), which funded the research for this volume. Special thanks are due to John Pickstone for leading the programme, for his many insights, and his ‘pruning’ of the manuscript; and to Ilana Löwy, who also read the whole manuscript and made valuable suggestions (all remaining mistakes are my own). Many thanks to the other members of our Constructing Cancers team: Elizabeth Toon, Emm Barnes (now Royal Holloway, University of London), Helen Valier (now University of Houston) and Jo Baines, for the fruitful conversations that helped me to better understand the commonalities and differences between lung cancer and other malignant diseases. I am also grateful to the scholars who joined us in our informal ‘cancer history’ network, for their many stimulating discussions in Manchester, Paris, Bethesda and elsewhere.

I have greatly appreciated the critiques, input and support given by our other colleagues at Manchester’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM); its Director, Mick Worboys, has been extremely supportive throughout the project. Outside CHSTM, I am grateful to Roger Abbey Smith, Ray Donnelly, Peter Goldstraw, Nick Thatcher and Tom Treasure, for sharing their valuable insights to the history of lung cancer with me, and to the librarians and archivists at the UK National Archives, the Royal College of Surgeons Archives, the Royal London Hospital Archives, the University of Manchester Library and the Wellcome Library for their help. Finally I would like to thank Aya, Jota and Shogo for their patience and good cheer throughout this book’s far too long gestation period.
The author and the publishers wish to thank the following for permission to reproduce copyright material: – Wellcome Images for ‘Taking Chest X-ray, 1940’, Wellcome Images N0020373, and ‘Stethoscope and Lungs’, from Laennec, De l’auscultation mediate, Wellcome Images L0000603. – BMJ Publishing Group for the illustration ‘Positive Pressure Anaesthetic Machine’, from Hugh Morriston Davies, ‘The
Mechanical Control of Pneumothorax During Operations on the Chest, with a Description of a New Apparatus’. British Medical
Journal ii (8 July 1911): 61–66; and the graph ‘Crude annual death viirates for cancer of respiratory system compared with similar rates
for all other respiratory diseases’, from David W. Smithers, ‘Facts and Fancies About Cancer of the Lung’. British Medical Journal i,no. 4822 (6 June 1953): 1235–1239. – The Royal College of Physicians for the graph ‘Standardised death sates from cancer, tuberculosis and bronchitis’, from Royal College of Physicians. Smoking and Health: A Report of The Royal College of Physicians on Smoking in Relation to Cancer of the Lung and Other Diseases. London: Pitman Medical Publishing, 196

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