Oculoplastic Surgery, Second Edition 2nd Edition PDF Download

Oculoplastic Surgery, Second Edition 2nd Edition PDF Download
by Brian Leatherbarrow  (Author)

Oculoplastic Surgery, Second Edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect the advances made in the field since the highly successful first edition. This new edition offers a pragmatic approach to the diagnosis and management of patients with a wide range of oculoplastic, orbital, and lacrimal problems, with an emphasis on investigations, surgical indications, and important technical considerations.

Key features include:

New material on applied anatomy, cosmetic surgery, thyroid eye disease and the watering eye
An in-depth account of the pre-operative assessment of patients, precise details of surgical procedures, the post-operative management of patients, and the avoidance of complications
Over 1700 color photographs and original drawing
This lavishly illustrated new edition is an essential read for ophthalmologists, and also serves as a comprehensive and useful text for clinicians of all grades and experience in related specialties including: plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, ENT surgery, dermatology, radiology, and neurosurgery.

It is an honor to write the foreword to the second edition of Brian Leatherbarrow’s Oculoplastic Surgery. There are many books in print addressing surgery in the periocular region, but this second edition of Oculoplastic Surgery is a must for all readers that want a refreshing and comprehensive approach to these surgical procedures. Brian Leatherbarrow brings a different perspective due to his combined training in England with Mr. Richard Collin and in the United States with Dr. Jeffrey Nerad and myself. During my time with Brian, I noted that he always approached patients in an organized manner based on facial and periorbital anatomical relationships. I have adopted some of his approaches, which have improved the surgical care of patients in my practice. Brian combines the best of his training and shares his 20 years of surgical practice in this book.
This second edition continues the practical approach to the diagnosis and management of a variety of oculoplastic, orbital, and lacrimal challenges. Brian shares his experience through the complete and anatomically-based descriptions of surgical procedures that have brought satisfactory results to his patients over the years. The chapters are comprehensive with regard to clinical presentations, patient selection, surgical indications, technical aspects of procedures, salient features for successful procedures, and potential complications. His narrative is exquisitely accented with both illustrations and numerous color photos of procedures and patients. Each chapter ends with suggested reading for further investigation. This approach provides an engaging presentation for the interested reader and a concise method of teaching that guides you to successful surgical procedures. This book adds to our understanding of the treatment of patients with oculoplastic conditions.
I congratulate Brian for undertaking the enormous task of a second edition to an already excellent textbook. There are ample improvements in this edition that will satisfy readers from any field with an interest in the area of oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery.

Oculoplastic Surgery, Second Edition 2nd Edition PDF Download

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