Free Succeeding in the Mrcgp CSA Common Scenarios and Revision Notes for the Clinical Skills Assessment (MediPass Series) PDF

Free Succeeding in the Mrcgp CSA Common Scenarios and Revision Notes for the Clinical Skills Assessment (MediPass Series) PDF

By (author): Chirag Mehta, Milan Mehta, Khizzer Majid

Succeeding in the MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) is an essential part of progressing through General Practice spcialty training. This comprehensive revision guide is the most up-to-date available and contains a variety of cases covering the entire breadth of the MRCGP curriculum. Written by doctors who have successfully passed the MRCGP CSA exam, this book is packed with advice and tips, including guidance on topics that candidates consistently struggle with. This comprehensive MRCGP CSA revision guide describes the writers’ memories of their recent CSA exams together with general advice on how to best prepare for it in those last few weeks (and hours!) before the exam.It also includes a variety of cases spanning across the entire MRCGP curriculum, offers detailed guidance for each case on how to get the most out of each consultation by maximising your consultation skill and gives both instructions for role-players and candidates for each case. The book equips candidates with a structured, generalised approach that can be applied to any CSA scenario that may arise and provides two full mock CSA circuits (26 cases) which can be completed under timed conditions. This engaging and easy-to-use guide will provide you with everything you need to know to fully prepare for all aspects of the CSA exam, and is an essential book for anyone serious in excelling in this exam.
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Free Succeeding in the Mrcgp CSA Common Scenarios

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