Therapeutic Strategies in Dementia PDF Download

Therapeutic Strategies in Dementia PDF Download
by Craig W. Ritchie (Editor), David Ames (Editor), Colin L. Masters (Editor), Jeffrey Cummings (Editor)

Widely acknowledged as one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with an ageing population, the increasing prevalence of cognitive decline in the elderly presents the clinician with a variety of complex therapeutic problems. Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias vary in their onset and progression, as do patients in their responsiveness to treatment. Social management is as important as the choice of therapeutic agent, and implementing effective and sympathetic treatment requires care and sensitivity as well as a sound knowledge of currently available options. In this important new work, leading experts review the therapeutic agents currently available and assess their effectiveness. Also included is an update on recent and on-going clinical trials, the prospects for new therapeutic targets and the development of new biomarkers that will aid recognition of disease and thus earlier intervention.

Therapeutic Strategies in Dementia

Therapeutic Strategies in Dementia PDF Download

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