Free Vascular Tumors and Developmental Malformations Pathogenic Mechanisms and Molecular Diagnosis PDF Download

Free Vascular Tumors and Developmental Malformations Pathogenic Mechanisms and Molecular Diagnosis PDF Download

This book comprehensively covers the classification, histopathology, pathogenesis, and molecular diagnosis of vascular tumors and malformations, correlating these with current approaches to clinical management. It offers a new multidisciplinary resource for clinicians, pathologists, molecular diagnosticians, and scientists in the field of vascular medicine and biology, fostering cross-cutting collaboration in clinical practice and research. Fundamental background information on vascular tumors and malformation is provided, while also including the most current information available on pathogenic mechanisms underlying this heterogenous group of disorders and the implications for molecular diagnosis and therapeutic intervention.

Written by experts in the field, Vascular Tumors and Developmental Malformations: Pathogenic Mechanisms and Molecular Diagnosis provides the medical and scientific community with an essential, practical resource to guide accurate diagnosis, well-targeted therapies, and informed investigation of specific clinicopathological entities within the spectrum of vascular anomalies.

Vascular anomalies encompass a dizzying array of distinct clinicopathologic entities that can be grouped, roughly, into two general categories: vascular tumors and
developmental vascular malformations. The vascular tumors are intrinsically proliferative lesions, at least in some phase of their inception, and include both benign
and malignant neoplasms as well as reactive proliferations. The vascular malformations are more static congenital errors in development of the vasculature that
may evolve over time under environmental and/or genetic influences. Many of these
anomalies, even those officially “benign,” can be absolutely devastating for patients
over the course of a childhood or a lifetime, also placing great burden on families
and frustrating healthcare providers who struggle to provide relief. Current mainstream treatment options are relatively limited, often ineffective, and may be
accompanied by significant clinical complications. Surgery and/or interventional
radiological approaches are sometimes good solutions, but effective medical intervention would be a much better option for many patients. Design of rational targets
for such medical intervention requires understanding of mechanisms of disease.
Fortunately, discovery in that regard is escalating.

Free Vascular Tumors and Developmental Malformations

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