Free Visual Fields (American Academy of Ophthalmology Monograph Series) – 3rd Edition PDF Download

Free Visual Fields (American Academy of Ophthalmology Monograph Series) – 3rd Edition PDF Download

Visual Fields: Examination and Interpretation, 3rd edition contains revisions and updates of earlier material as well as a discussion of newer techniques for assessing visual field disorders. The book begins with a short history of the field of perimetry and goes on to present basic clinical aspects of examination and diagnosis of visual field defects in the optic nerve, optic disc, chorioretina, optic chiasm, optic tract, lateral geniculate field bodies, and the calcarine complex. Additional aspects of visual field examination are explored including those of monocular, binocular, and junctional field defects, congruity vs. incongruity, macular sparing vs. macular splitting, density, wedge-shaped homonymous field loss, and monocular temporal crescent. Various new techniques of automated perimetry are also considered including SITA, FASTPAC, and SWAP. This volume provides a very useful overview of the techniques of visual field examination in a number of eye disorders and will be of interest to all ophthalmologists, neuro-opthalmologists, retina specialists, and optometrists.

A cataract causes contraction of the peripheral fi eld. Miosis due to the use of
miotics and a small cataract can cause different defects that suggest a worsening of
the patient’s glaucoma, which may be fallacious. In kinetic testing, if the examiner
moves the test object too quickly, the sensitivity is altered and a defect is missed. If
the kinetic test object is moved too slowly, the patient becomes distracted and loses
fixation. (These problems are somewhat obviated by the use of computerized testing
machines.) There are many different programs from which to select depending
on the defect being sought and the patient’s fi eld testing history and defects. The
selection of the most ideal program to produce a good review of both central and
peripheral fi elds was reviewed by Horton and Hoyt1 on an anatomic basis. They
believe that a 30-2 program meets the requirements for central and peripheral field
evaluation, except for monocular temporal crescent syndrome.

Visual Fields (American Academy of Ophthalmology Monograph Series)

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