Free Wombs with a View Illustrations of the Gravid Uterus from the Renaissance through the Nineteenth Century PDF Download

Free Wombs with a View Illustrations of the Gravid Uterus from the Renaissance through the Nineteenth Century PDF Download

By (author): Lawrence D. Longo, Lawrence P. Reynolds

The volume provides an archive of some of the most beautiful illustrations ever made of the gravid uterus with fetus and placenta, which will serve future generations of investigators, educators, and students of reproduction. The approximately two hundred figures from over one hundred volumes included are from the late fifteenth through the nineteenth century.

For each author whose work is depicted in this volume, we have used the first edition or first illustrated edition. In the commentary, each volume and illustration is placed in its historical perspective, noting both the significance of that image, but also some background on the life and work of the author. For most of the works cited, there are additional references for the reader who may wish to explore these in greater depth. This volume is a unique collection not only of these historical images, but also their place in the development of scientific study.

This foreword is a personal invitation for you, the reader, to join with two of America’s finest
scientists in the field of pregnancy and reproduction on a journey backward in time when
heroes of that day enlightened their contemporaries with the beauty of the anatomical features
of pregnancy and childbirth.
Scientists of every era struggle to escape the walls of knowledge within which they find
themselves constrained. Forward movement in medical science often requires a person of creative brilliance to discover a new pathway that turns a once ignored lightless field of inquiry
into one which illuminates fundamental mechanisms of biology and brings a new arsenal of
weapons efficacious in the war against devastating disease. Longo and Reynolds offer within
these pages vignettes of pioneers of the past who were the brilliant pacesetters of their day.
Some like da Vinci are well sung, but others previously unknown to me, like Rueff, are unsung
heroes, who nevertheless escaped the walls of dogma and social restraint to enlighten contemporary intelligentsia regarding the intricacies of human reproduction.
This book is not only a compendium of important historical images related to human reproduction; it is a history of technology and artistry. The volume carries with it the development
of tools applied to imagery as much as the evolution of comprehension of anatomy and reproductive function. Drawings, primitive at first and then more sophisticated, and paintings, flat
and distorted and later well-proportioned, represent the evolution of thought and skill that
preceded the primitive silver halide photograph which eventually became the digital images of
the twenty-first century with their high-resolution sharpness, perfect lighting, and color balance. Even in the earliest days of this technological progression, centuries ago, humans sought
to record in some fashion what they saw in real life.

Free Wombs with a View Illustrations of the Gravid Uterus

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